Hosting – from £45* per year

All our websites are hosted in the UK. Potential savings could be made from using an overseas hosting company, however, if you are a UK based company targeting UK customers and you require a fast and reliable web hosting service, we recommend using a UK hosting company. Your connection speeds will be faster for the very simplest of reasons; your web sites data packets will have far less to travel, and therefore your end user would be able to access their website that much faster which helps in your natural ranking. Google, amongst others, uses location of data centres as one of the criterion for its UK search engine.

All our websites are hosted on servers at a UK based secure, ex cold war era nuclear bunker with multiple tier 1 data connectivity to provide a fast and reliable UK web hosting service, and our experienced support staff answer their phones from our Hertfordshire Web Hosting offices.

We offer a wide range of website hosting packages starting at just £45 per year.

Dedicated Servers

If you’re a freelance website designer or design agency looking for a cost effective, high quality hosting solution, please contact

Domain Registration

If you’re unsure which domain will work for you, maybe your domain has already been taken, contact Lighthouse to discuss your options and possibilities. If you;re starting a new business, maybe consider purchasing several domains; one that reflects the nature of the business will help with search engines. Domain costs vary on the type of domain you’re looking to purchase. As a rule domains cost £9.99* for a 2 year subscription.

*Excludes VAT



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